Mouse Spiders

There are 11 different species of Mouse Spiders in the world. These spiders, much like the Trapdoor Spider, are often found in burrows sometimes as much as 1' deep! All of the species of Mouse Spiders besides one are found in Australia.

The bite of the Mouse Spider can be potentially dangerous, but anti-venoms are readily available. These spiders will mostly feed on insects, but they are also known to dine on small animals as well on occasion. The Mouse Spider will often fall prey to centipedes, scorpions and even wasps.

Mouse Spiders are medium sized growing to about 3cm in length. They have a glossy looks with eyes spread out on the front of their head. Females of this species are always all black while their male counterparts can be other colors then black.  You can learn more about the Mouse Spider and just how dangerous they can be in the videos below...

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