Blue-fanged Tarantula

 The Blue-fanged Tarantula is a species of Tarantula that was just discovered in the Amazon. This spiders scientific name is Ephebous cyanognathus and as you can see gets it name from it HUGE blue fanged. The rest of this spiders body is completely brown. The purpose for the coloration of these fangs is still unknown, but it is though to warn potential predators.

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Corn Spider (Argiope aurantia)

The Corn Spider or Argiope aurantia is known by a few different names including the Banana Spider, Writing spider and the Black and Yellow Garden Spider.  Dispite this spiders menacing appearance it is not dangerous to humans.  These spiders can yellow and black markings with a white cephalothorax.  Males of this spcies can reach 9mm with females reaching 28mm.

When the Corn Spider builds its web it can be as much as 2' in diameter and is normally as least 2' off the ground.  These spiders don't travel much during their lifetimes normally staying near the same location for their entire lives.  

You can check out the Corn Spider with your own eyes in the videos below...

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