Trapdoor Spiders

There are over 100 different species of Trapdoor Spiders. These are probably one of the most cunning spiders on the planet. Trapdoor Spiders literally build a trapdoor from various materials and cover it will plant and soil material to make it blend into its surroundings. This spider will have a length of silk attached to the trapdoor that is quickly opens to grab a passing insect. Trapdoor Spiders can sense the preys vibrations on the ground and sometimes even lay trip wire that lets them know when a meal is near. You can check out some Trapdoor Spiders in the videos below...

This one is a big Red Trapdoor Spider... Strikes with amazing speed!

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  1. I found a trapdoor spiderling in my front yard, It has shiny orange-red legs and carapace . The abdomen is fuzzy with a burgundy color. It is approximately 2-3 mm in total length.
    The spiderlings leave the mother's "den" en mass. Each trailing the other to a high point, spin a balloon and away they go.